Volunteer Day – Saturday 1st September 2018

Saturday morning’s volunteer session was very well attended, allowing lots of jobs to be tackled in anticipation of next month’s Autumn Open Day. As can be seen, it was a wonderful, sunny morning in the woodland.

The pond’s water level after the recent rain has risen, but committee member Miriam Hier can be seen clearing some of the vegetation that’s starting to cover the surface area. There’ll always be bramble and weed clearing, and volunteer Paula was playing an active role with the aid of the thick, leather gauntlets to pull up the weeds without getting hurt.

Miriam Hier clearing the pond

Paula bramble clearing

Paula clearing brambles







Chairman Tim Barnes can be seen in the new woodland clearing attacking tree stumps and clearing out Robinia saplings.  It’s been decided that a small area near The Mound will make a good place for a new nursery bed, which will allow us to grow our own plants, therefore saving money, but also establishing another area of interest for the woodland. Donald Albrecht, Rich Richard Sylvester and Andrew Slade can be seen measuring up the suitable new plot.

Tim Barnes clearing Robinia saplings

Tim Barnes clearing Robinia saplings







Finally, also near The Glade we planted several weeks ago some new tree saplings. With the long hot Summer, we’ve had to keep a lookout to make sure they have been properly cared for. The below photo shows a Bird Cherry looking very healthy.


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