Volunteer Day – Sunday 6th August 2017

Last Sunday morning saw another weekend volunteer morning session. Although volunteer numbers were low because of the Summer holidays, we welcomed new faces and undertook many tasks.

The pond was becoming a little overgrown with the grasses at the edges making most of the Summer warmth. As can be seen in the photos committee member Donald Albrecht and 2 other volunteers get to grips by removing grasses to create a more open water area.

Pond clearing by Donald Albrecht

Pond clearing in progress







Also involved with plant removal, non-native Locust Trees (Robinia pseudoacacia) have been removed from the woodland, with their hard timber making excellent seats in the glade. The species grows fast and is invasive. One was growing in the open area on the way to The Glade, but as can be seen in the photos, it was swiftly removed.

Acacia tree about to be removed

Acacia tree now gone!







The grass in The Glade area is also growing quickly, especially with the heavy rains of last week. We bought a scythe and this is extremely useful in such a small area. The photos show it being used to full effect!

Scythe cutting in The Glade

Scythe cutting in The Glade

Scythe cutting in The Glade







Finally, the fruit trees in The Glade show that the apples have been eaten by, no-doubt, squirrels and birds, but the pears don’t seem to be of interest and we may have a small harvest next month!

A Williams variety pear in good health

A Williams variety pear in good health

Half-eaten apple

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